Growth Hacking & Strategy Consulting

As a strategist, I apply a highly developed, calibrated awareness of what technologies and systems make possible and practical, individually and collectively, across all types of activity and relationship, to chart a course for an organisation (or aspect thereof) to evolve and grow.

“Small hinges swing big doors”

I can rapidly understand how a business / technology / marketing process works and quickly think through potential derivations to innovate precisely, generate ideas and identify risks and opportunities. When I do this for a company, it’s competitors, market place, potential partners, technological underpinnings at micro and macro levels, correlate all of this with known data and “do the math” I often spot valuable commercial opportunities way ahead of time, find high ROI ways to tweak existing business and marketing processes, and can often explain this in ways that help executives and technologists alike make more sense of the future.

I seek to apply this faculty to worthwhile, high potential / high impact projects and businesses.

If you’d like to discover if I’m a good match for your needs, you can contact me here.