About Thomas

I am hyper curious about technology, psychology, business and systems and how to think elegantly about such things.   Some people describe me as a futurist, strategist, and more recently, as a growth hacker.  This suits me because I found that much power exists at the intersection of direct marketing and technology, where all the leverage comes from understanding psychology and engagement, both for customers and the staff that use technology to amplify what they can achieve.

Since 1996, my clients have included a variety of businesses, start ups, private equity companies, training companies, government agencies, industry associations, celebrities and authors.  I have been involved in multiple startups, building 100’s of websites, generating hundreds of thousands of leads, helped startups raise significant investment and given key strategic advice to companies that changed their future.

Current Clients & Companies:

  • I work as a Digital Advisor for Harmonia – Ireland’s largest magazine company
  • I’m Chief Digital Officer for Irish Green Energy Networks – A project that seeks to accelerate the adoption of greener fuels in Ireland with a focus on the logistics industry.
  • Direct clients include: RISC Capital, Voltaire Diamonds, Merrion Vaults, IMS Insurance Group & PIBA

Select Interesting Projects:

Pivoting Publishing: I analysed how traditional newspaper and magazine publishers globally attempted to pivot their business models in the digital age to give traditional media companies an early warning their business models were unsustainable in the mid-term as technology and social media had changed the dynamics of content creation, distribution, consumption and advertising revenue allocation.

Safety Data Vaults:   In 2007, I spent 9 months as researcher and strategist for an ambitious telematics project, intending to put black boxes into cars that could measure vehicular crash dynamics and near instantaneously reconstruct what happened in an accident, such that the right emergency services could be deployed and insurance investigations could be based on objective sensor based data.   This gave me early insight into the forthcoming machine age, and the power of data to change whole industries, along with data privacy and the value of eco-systems build around standardised data sets.  I re-wrote the business plan that played a part in raising an eight-figure investment.

Avoca Experience:  As well as setting up one of Ireland’s first eCommerce sites in 1997, I led the development of a cross between a computer game and online shop.  I hired the artists in Cartoon Saloon along with script writers to create a choose your own adventure style game.  The site won many awards and can be seen here: Avoca.me

Nation.1:  At a conference in the MIT Media Lab in 1997, I co-founded Nation.1 (see Wikipedia entry)  an online country with borders defined by technology and age versus geography and race.  This was later merged into TakingItGlobal.org – a very early social network with hundreds of thousands of youth interested in global issues.  I wrote a declaration that was featured in Nicholas Negroponte’s column in Wired.

GII Junior Summit:  Isao Okawa, late Chairman of Sega said to the G7 Roundtable in 1996 that young people tend to understand computers better than adults, so they should provide input into how emerging internet technologies could be used to address global challenges.  I won a competition to represent the UK & Ireland at the GII Junior Summit in Japan and was Head of the Education Group, looking at eLearning.  We wrote a white paper that was presented to the G8 Roundtable in South Africa in 1996.


Most of what I know comes from being self taught. To go along with that, I have a Degree in Information & Communications technology from Trinity College Dublin and lots of certificates related to training, learning and coaching.


In 1984, my father, encouraged by my mum spent a couple of thousand euros (in todays money) on a box he didn’t understand, called a BBC B Microcomputer.  As a six year old, I played with this intensely until I figured it out and taught myself to program in basic as well as playing various games.  In 1992, I was given my first modem which I used to access online services such as the Minerva Bulletin board.   Winning the GII Junior Summit prize propelled me toward early visions of the future.